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RR Medij

About us - RR Medij

Welcome to our young company, staffed by enthusiasts and professionals with years of experience.

Today, every serious company needs advertising - the image with which it will present itself to the clients, and which will make you different from the competition.

With over 15 years' experience in the printing and advertising industry, our mission and goal is to continuously improve our offer for all markets, with a high level of professionalism. We are proud of the fact that we succeeded in gaining and justifying the trust of many large companies in Croatia, although we are a young company, which was founded only a few years ago.

Our operation is based solely on machines that are environmentally acceptable by the EU, and we are one of the rare Croatian companies that own and use such machines. All our machines and supplies are ISO 9001 certified.

Our goal is to have a satisfied customer and a long-term cooperation, which we strive to achieve by completing all jobs in a short time period, with the use of the most modern machines and by carefully listening to your requests and offering reasonable prices of our products and services.

Why pay more? We guarantee you the top quality product and the best price on the market, from the design and preparation, to the production and installation!

See it for yourself ... We are waiting for you!