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RR Medij

Advertisements and totems

Your illuminated (and non-illuminated) advertising, unilateral or bilateral, gives your client first impression about your business, craft, salon, shop, and it is therefore very important that it has the distinctive and attractive look.

Naše Our illuminated signs are made of certified top quality parts, manufactured exclusively in the EU. The frame of our illuminated signs are made of anodized aluminum, the interior is made with high-quality LED lighting, a the face is made of plexiglass painted with translucent foil,s that are resistant to external conditions. Such advertisements are made for external (outdoor) or internal (indoor) use.

The advertising pillar, popularly known as totem pole, is a freestanding, mostly both side illuminated display, which most often communicates the company name, services and products. Totem poles can be illuminated or non-illuminated advertisements with square or rounded (slightly elliptical) shape, made of alubond or plexsiglass materials.