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RR Medij

Labels, signs and visuals

Signboards, signposts, labels and various visuals are a very important part of visual communication of your company, brand or specific campaign. We will create for you a beautiful and attractive design, and manufacture a professionally finished product.

Signboards are made of alubond, forex and plexiglass materials.

Signboards of smaller dimensions are made with forex and plexiglass, while large signboards are made with alubond, because of the density of the material and its weather resistance. Signboards and visuals are painted with the high-quality foils, on a machine with direct lamination, which provides resistance to UV rays, rain, snow, etc.

We make signboards of all sizes and shapes, and their construction frames, and we assembly them at the desired location.

Kapafix and forex visuals are recently very popular, and can have a regular shape or be cut in contours of the desired dimensions, for easy internal (indoor) communication of various companies, brands, products or campaigns.