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RR Medij

Wrapping Services

Wrapping is a broad term. Everything is these days covered with images, from cell phones to skyscrapers. Therefore, we will gladly work with you to design and make the best visuals for your needs. We have so far covered many different surfaces with images: escalators, elevators, windows and balconies, cubords, toys, fenders, bicycles, cars, shop windows, walls, and even one grandmother's typewriter.

Our high-quality foils are manufactured exclusively in the EU, and in combination with our latex large format printers create wonders of the modern world, design and advertising. In addition to print foils, we also use standard foils in colour that are cut for partial wrapping.

Some of the most popular surfaces for wrapping are: cars, walls, shop windows, windows, and any empty space that can be used for advertising. Please see some of our work.